【tdr0394】Instant noodle with Disney characters


Disney characters on the goods are sold widely and the genres are various.

Clothes, foods, snack, and so on and on and there are Disney character instant noodle too.

It is sold by “Sanyo foods”, which is familiar with “Sapporo Ichiban”.

“Sapporo Ichiban Disney character CUPFAN!!”, which is a product collaborated with Disney characters is sold constantly.

It is sold by changing the flavor and design according to the season and recently it was sold with “scrunchie”.

By the way the flavors that have been sold before are….

-Soy source flavor
-Chicken soy source flavor
-Salted flavor
-Seafood salted flavor
-Seafood flavor
-Tomato flavor
-Okinawa soba flavor
-Sakura soba flavor
-Chanpon udon flavor
-Hot and sour soup noodle flavor
-Vegetable noodle flavor

As you can see the variations are rich.

“Sakura soba” and “chanpon udon” that sold from 2011 had package in hope for prospective student’s success that it became topic of conversation between those students at that time.

Let’s see what kind of flavor will be this year.

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