【tdr0385】The real name of Donald Duck’s nephew


Sweet triplets “Huey”, Dewey”, and “Louie” is Donald Duck’s nephews.

Because they are triplets their names have similar sounds that it is easy to remember.

-The real name of Huey with trademark of red clothes is “Hubert Duck”.
-The real name of Dewey with trademark of blue clothes is “Deuteronomy Duck”.
-The real name of Louie with trademark of green clothes is “Louis Duck”.

Other than “Louie’s” real name is quite difficult to remember.

Let’s say “Hubert” is acceptable, but “Deuteronomy” is not familiar with Japanese people, so people would have difficult time remembering it. I am sure there are only few people knowing their real names.

By the way, “Donald Duck” who is an uncle of these triplets also called by nickname not his real name.

His real name is “Donald Fauntleroy Duck”.

This name makes him kind of brave.

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