【tdr0349】Disney characters went on an expedition?


Disney characters like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse sometime have activities outside of Tokyo Disney Resort.

For example, Disney related advertising or visiting welfare facilities. The activities are various and even sometime participates festival too.

And one of the activities is “Matsuri erekocha Miyazaki”.

This is a huge event that held every year since 2002 and music and dance is the main of this event. Disney characters are participated in this event.

The main 5 characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto showed up as special guests. They participated “Matsuri erekocha Miyazaki” in 20011 and 2013 and thrilled people at Miyazaki Prefecture.

The offer from Miyazaki Prefecture revival organization became the opportunity to participate for the festival. Back in the days the murrain “foot-and-mouth diseases” that outbreak in 2010 became the problem, so the whole Miyazaki Prefecture became dispirited. In such time Disney received the offer and accepted and showed up on parade after courtesy visit of Miyazaki city office.

Because Disney gives hopes and dreams, so they are ambitious about these.

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