【tdr0346】The difference between Chip ‘n Dale and the name origin


Disney character “Chip ‘n Dale”.

They are chipmunk pair that loves acorn, peanut, and apple.

They made debut on “Private Pluto”, which was released on 1943, April 2nd, at that time they looked the same and had no name.

After that they were given name for the first time at short film “Chip an’ Dale”, which was released in 1974 co-starring Donald Duck for the first time and two chipmunks were drawn differently.

The differences are listed below.


Nose shape: triangle__________ellipse
Nose color: black_____________brown or red  
Front teeth: two teeth at center__two teeth apart
Eyes: large eyes_____________slightly closed eyes
Bang: no bangs______________with bangs
Body color: dark brown________bright brown

Actually there are so many slight differences.

Anyway, do you know why these two chipmunks were named “Chip ‘n Dale”?

“Thomas Chippendale” who is a furniture craftsman lives York of Northwest England is the origin of the name. He is known by developing cheap furniture for common people who cannot afford expensive furniture by making furniture harmonized design of chinoiserie and rococo.

I am sure some people are already realized the sound of “Chippendale”, but it went from Chippendale, Chipp’ndale, chip and dale.

The two chipmunk’s name was decided by playing the last name of Thomas Chippendale”.

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