【tdr0345】Donald Duck doesn’t like his own voice?


“Donald Duck” wears blue sailor hat and blue sailor blouse and his most attractive feature big yellow beak.

His mood swings so much and his unique thick voice like a duck is so noisy, but he is such a loveable character somehow.

But it seems like he doesn’t like his unique think voice.

It would sound better when saying it is his unique point, but realistically, Mickey Mouse sometime doesn’t know what he is saying.

And even in the film of “Donald’s Dream Voice”, which was released in 1948, Donald became salesman who sells brush and tried to door-to-door sales, but ended up sending away by getting told that they don’t understand what he was saying.

It is painful when people don’t understand what you are saying.

So, in the film he purchases mysterious medicine “AJAX VOICE PILLS”. That’s how much he disliked his own voice.

By the way, Donald acquired beautiful manly voice by this medicine and tries to confess his love to Daisy in high spirits.

Daisy rejected his love, but Donald probably thought it would go well with manly voice. Although, that thick voice suits the best on Donald even he hates it.

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