【tdr0335】There is old timer character that doesn’t exist at Disney park


At Tokyo Disney Resort there are many Disney Characters active with shows and parades.

There are characters that represent Disney such as Mickey Mouse, his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, and his best friend Donald Duck and Goofy other than that heroes and heroines that plays main character with Disney films, unique supporting characters, and Disney villains.

The way characters gather together whether they are enemies, friend, or doesn’t matter which film they are in is because Disney Resort is the dreamland.

But certain character never appeared in front of the guests or other characters.

The character is “Black Pete (alias Peg-Leg Pete).

He has a big body that in motif of wildcat and actually he is the oldest character of Disney characters. He also appeared in “Steamboat Willie”, which is Mickey Mouse made debut on and Black Pete has long long history with Disney…. but he is only show up on paper as an illustration in side the Disney park.

Even minor characters appear parades or shows and it is such a poor thing that Black Pete is the only character that does not show up in front of us.

It would be great if he could make his debut at Disney park in 2015, which is his 80th anniversary of Black Pete debut.

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