【tdr0325】App that tells Disney character’s current location is released?


When you are at Tokyo Disney Resort then you would want to meet Disney characters, right?

To make the guest’s wish there is “character greeting” that guest could meet Disney characters, so guests are able to see Disney characters at certain place and at certain time, but you never know which character you could meet.

To say “it is a surprise” then it sounds fun, but I am sure some of guests want to see particular Disney character. Plus there are guests that want to see as many of character by going around productively.

To make those wish “mobile magic”, which is Disney official app that can be only used at Disneyland that is located in America was released.

It is an app that tells Disney character’s current location by using GPS.

Guests could meet as many as Disney characters by having this app.

Also this app tells “waiting time” of attraction, which is so convenient, so it is possible to go around the park productively.

You will not miss anything by downloading this convenient app and wish there is app for Tokyo Disney Resort that has same function.

It is not certain that app of Tokyo Disney Resort will be released, but we could expect that the day of releasing the app will come in the future.

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