【tdr0287】Disney character became University of Oregon’s mascot


“University of Oregon” is 4-year state university that base in Eugene city of Oregon, United States of America.

The history is so long that it was found in 1876.

This university is known as a university has high reputation on academics nationally.

Anyway, there are many ducks live around University of Oregon and custom of calling sport team of University of Oregon, students, or graduates “Ducks” rooted.

Therefore, University of Oregon official mascot is a “duck”.

And when speaking of “duck” at Disney then it is “Donald Duck”, right?

People at University of Oregon probably thought the same.

In 1947, Leo Harris who was an athletic director at that time negotiated with Walt Disney to make the Donald Duck as the mascot character of Oregon University. As a result Walt Disney agreed and Donald Duck became the official mascot of University of Oregon.

The Donald Duck that became the official mascot of University of Oregon and took off the blue sailor uniform and changed to yellow and green clothes. He wears a hat that says “OREGON” and cheers the students of University of Oregon.

Speaking of mascot, one of the main character including Donald Duck, which is the “big 5”, “Goofy” has been selected as mascot before.

He was even selected as mascot of French representative team at Moscow Olympic.

Disney character is well known and is known worldwide, so it is great to use as mascot.

May be another Disney character will be selected as mascot someday.

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