【tdr0273】That villain star was enjoying the Disneyland incognito


SF film “Star Wars” absolute villain “Darth Vader”.

The body is covered with black, unique mask and machinery breathing sound’s existence is powerful. The music Imperial March when he appears became so famous that even people who haven’t watched Star Wars knows.

He used to be a Jedi and had strong force, but his strong feeling of wanting to save his wife was used then he became the dark side and was placed third at villain category of “AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes & Villains top 100 (2003)”, but actually once he visited Anaheim Disneyland.

He came with 2 of Storm trooper and check the leaflet then the direction he went was “Star Tours”.

But at the entrance there was a sign of “OPENING SOON”.

During that time “Star Tours” was still in a process of renewing, so it wasn’t opened yet.

Darth Vader who got spoiled his schedule went on the Mad Tea Party, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, King Arthur Carousel, watched parade while having snack, went on Rocket Rods, enjoyed the navigation of Mark Twain Riverboat, flush the light saber to the ghost, and enjoy the fireworks…. He had a blast at Disneyland the whole day.

He went back to see “Star Tours” at night, but it was still closed. After running out of patience he opened the entrance forcibly and went inside. It seemed like he enjoyed the “Star Tours”, which has been renewed without permission.

I am sure you have noticed by reading, but this is the promotional video that released at grand re-opening of “Star Tours”.

It is quite fancy and funny, so it is worth seeing.

You can see the cute side of the absolute villain Darth Vader.

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