【tdr0272】Osamu Tezuka’s some character is made based on Disney character


“Osamu Tezuka” (1928-1989) is manga artist and animator who made the foundation of modern manga expression as the first story manga artist and left many masterpieces such as “Phoenix”, “Jungle Emperor Leo”, “Black Jack”, “Astroboy” and more.

He called himself “Disney mania”, that’s how much he loved Disney films.

He watched Disney film for the first time at age of 9 and since that he got into Disney films that he watched “Snow White” more than 50 times and “Bambi” for over 80 times and he said by tracing the Disney character over and over again the quality improved till he think he could send it to Disney.

Because he loved Disney so much that he made some character based on Disney character.

The character is “Dr. Elefun” who appears in “Astroboy”.

May be some people who are good at guessing have realized, but the model is one of dwarfs “Grumpy” that appears in “Snow White”, which is one of his favorite films.

Dr. Elefun and Grumpy….Both character have huge nose as a feature.

You will see how these two are look alike when putting them aside.

Osamu Tezuka loved Disney films that even influenced his character design.

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