【tdr0259】Hundred Acre Wood actually exists at homeland of Winnie the Pooh?


Yellow round loveable shape and unique laid-back voice.

“Winnie the Pooh” is a bear stuffed toy and we are familiar with “I love honey”

Since releasing short film in 1966 the popularity gradually increased and now is a very popular character that even compete with Mickey Mouse with number of sales of character goods.

Winnie the Pooh story took place at “Hundred Acre Wood”.

Acre is a unit that describes square measure and 1 acre= 43,560 square feet.

Therefore 100 acre is about 4,355,999 square feet, which is 9 of Tokyo Dome of forest is the homeland of Winnie the Pooh.

So, there is a model of huge forest is actually exists. That model is “Ashdown Forest” in England.

It is located about an hour away from London by car and is an enormous forest, whish has 6,400 acre. This “Ashdown Forest” has bridge of “Pooh Bridge”, which is made with board and became the model of “Poohsticks Bridge” or paths that drawn at Hundred Acre Wood, so you can enjoy the simulated experience of Winnie the Pooh’s world.

One of Winnie the Pooh fans called “Ashdown Forest” as holy ground.

If you have an opportunity please visit.

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