【tdr0247】Goofy became mascot of Olympic team?


“Goofy Goof” is a dog character with thin body, long faced, and blank eyes.

He is Mickey’s best friend and has personality of laid back, softhearted, and kind that prefers peace.

But he is seriously troublesome that it is everyday event that he bothers others when he makes mistakes. He doesn’t mean to harm others, so he does things at his own pace. He is a character who has subtle charm that typically he becomes the target of getting told off, but other characters think “well… it’s Goofy” when Goofy does something.

There was a time Goofy was selected as mascot character of certain Olympic team. This happened when Moscow Olympic was held in 1980.

The team who used Goofy was French team.

How come Goofy was selected when there are tons of other characters?

Goofy used to appear often on the “short films based on sports”. Although, it doesn’t mean goofy was great at sports. He was rather poor with sports that in the “A Goofy Movie” his son Max told him “you are the world most non athletic person”

The reason why Goofy who is not very good at sports was selected is at his attitude towards “enjoying the sports simply”. Even though goofy was bad at sports and failing over and over again, but he kept on challenging and enjoys the sports… Goofy had such a positive attitude towards sports.

Therefore he achieved the huge role, which is to become a mascot character.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are it is important to enjoy!

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