【tdr0246】”Snoopy” was the one of name candidates for Seven Dwarfs?


“Snow White” is world first feature length color animation and Disney’s first film.

Mascot-like characters that appear in this film “Seven Dwarfs” were given name that shows their personality.

*Doc: knowledgeable dwarf with glasses. He is like a leader of the dwarfs.
*Grumpy: he is realistic and emotional, but very kind.
*Sneezy: he is not good with pollen.
*Sleepy: he always look sleepy.
*Bashful: he is shy and pure.
*Happy: he never looses his smile and always energetic that he cheers up everyone.
*Dopey: he is the only dwarf that doesn’t speak and has no hair.

This is the “Seven Dwarfs”, but before deciding the names there were so many other ideas. Over 50 ideas… I am sure it was hard to narrow down.

Among the ideas there were “Scrappy”, “flappy”, “Gabby” and actually “Snoopy”, so it is surprising.

If Snoopy was used on one of dwarfs then what would be the famous white dog character?

To know the rejected ideas we can wonder many things, so it’s fun, isn’t it?

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