【tdr0243】Odakyu Electric Railway turned into Minnie Mouse color?


On the train there is various types of advertisements like advertising poster or poster above the window. We see those advertisements often, but advertising expenses are actually very expensive.

For example with B3 size of advertising poster on the train that runs metropolitan area costs $45,000 for 2 to 3 days and when it is wide size it costs $90,000.

Of course the price become different depending on the line or area, but it doesn’t matter where or how long it is expensive. Advertising sticker seems cheap, but contract period is monthly, so it costs around $10 million and poster beside the door costs $35 million a week.

The numbers are far from our daily life so you are probably having no idea how that is worth.

Anyway, since we know about how expensive the train advertisements, so let’s get back to the main topic.

Disney deliver advertisements like with TV commercials actively and we have an image of Disney that they never get stingy about advertising expenses, but there was a time Disney advertisements covered the whole Odakyu Electric Railway cars.

The advertisement was about “spring campus day passport” in 2011.

Now the campaign that is great for students became typical, but that advertisement covered whole of Odakyu Electric Railway cars. So inside the car was full of Disney, well more like full of Minnie Mouse. “spring campus day passport” was targeting female students, so all the advertisements used Minnie Mouse. Therefore inside the Odakyu Electric Railway turned into Minnie Mouse color and strap became Minnie Mouse too.

How much the advertising really….It is impossible to guess. When the theme park is the Japan biggest then they do things beyond our imagination? May be one day you will see Disney advertisements that makes you go wow!

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