【tdr0222】The star that enliven the fiction industry’s rich people.


The world-leading financial paper, which has the main office in New York the “Forbes”

It has 32 of international edition and is familiar as magazine that announces the World’s Billionaire every March. It gathered attention by Bill Gates who is the founder of Microsoft winning the first from 1994 to 2006 and at this time every year media brings up this topic.

Anyway, such Forbes, it isn’t a magazine that mention about “the real world of finance”. Actually it created world’s billionaire on fiction category too.

The title is “The Forbes Fictional 15”.

It began from 2002 and this production is continue until now the 2013 except year of 2003 and 2004 and is made ranking up to 15th by having done solid research on the billionaire of fiction industry, but this research ability is amazing.

This ranking is made by just like same as World’s Billionaires, which is ranking and the capital changes according to trend like interest, crude oil price, gold price, and property market.

By this solid research some Disney Character became the regular with this The Forbes Fictional 15.

That character is grandfather of Donald Duck “Scrooge McDuck”. His debut film was called “Scrooge McDuck and Money” and is about a world richest duck who loves money more than anything”, so it can somehow make you nod your head about the result of becoming the regular of The Forbes Fictionl 15.

So, I have roughly put in the list which place he became.

2002:4th $82 billion
2005:6th $82 billion
2006:3rd $10.9 billion
2007:1st $28.8 billion
2008:1st $29.1billion
2010:2nd $33.5 billion
2011:1st $44.1 billion
2012:(Outside the ranking/ the rival duck of Scrooge, Flintheart Glomgold became 2nd.)
2013:1st $65.4 billion

Somehow he wasn’t ranked in 2012, but is placed in 1st for 4 times.

And is steadily increasing the capital, so the estimated total assets of 2013 became 65.4 billion. It is unrealistic number for us to see that it lives in the different world, but as expected the world richest duck. May be it is the result of economizing by remembering all the money number of what he holds.

The real life’s first place of world’s billionaire of 2013 Bill Gates who is the regular’s total assets is $7.6 billion.

There is too many numbers that makes it like an unreal story whether it is fiction or real.

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