【tdr0175】Loveable stuffed doll “UniBEARsity”


Speaking of popular stuffed doll of Disney Character is “Pooh” or “Duff” can be think of and now the “UniBEARsity” is made appearance to the group. It is so small and there are many types plus each one has different features, which makes more loveable.

UniBEARsity wass born from the story of “Disney University”, which is the story at school (a short story from Disney Store Japan) that bears are the mascot.

With Disney University, Ludwig Von Drake who is grandfather of Donald Duck is the professor and Mickey and his friends are the students.

One day there was a homework of “writing a story on bear” and Mickey and his friends had an idea of creating bear stuffed doll looking like them not just the story”. The bear stuffed dolls that were made by Mickey and his friends started to move by magic then since that bear stuffed dolls started to attend the class with Mickey and others.

That bear stuffed dolls were the “UniBEARsity”.

This is made to look like Mickey and others so it can distinguish the stuffed doll that is made by Mickey.

Name (creator)/ color of fur and features
Mocha(Mickey)/Brown:Wearing tie that in motif of Mickey’s underwear.
Pudding(Minnie)/Brown:Wearing ribbon that haspolka-dot pattern of Minnie.
Whip(Donald)/White:Wearing blue tie in motif of Donald Duck.
Puffy(Daisy)/White:Wearing Daisy’s pink ribbon.
Mont(Chip)/Brown:Wearing orange tie with acorn.
Blanc(Dale)/Cream:Wearing blue tie with acorn.
Maple(Pluto)/Orange :Wearing green tie in motif of pluto’s collar.
Syrup(Mickey and Minnie)/Orange:Wearing green bow. It is smaller because it is motif in Puppies.

Each and every one of “UniBEARsity” is so adorable and the emblem that embroidered on left foot is so cute. They change the clothes according to seasons and events, so it is one of doll that is irresistible for collectors.

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