【tdr0174】When whispering something, which Captain Hook hates in his ear.


Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea has “Character Greeting”, which you can meet Disney characters, but the place and opportunity is very limited, but this is one of events that you should experience if you came to Disney Park.

Handshake of course you can also take picture with them. The characters come in contact from kids to adult, so this is a great event for Disney fans.

At “Character Greeting” other than popular Disney characters the villains obviously will show up. Even though they are villains they will be nice to the guests at “Character Greeting”, so do not worry. When communicating with them by getting close to them they actually give you a great reaction.

Among the villains, the one that makes great and funny reaction is “Captain Hook” that appears in “Peter Pan”. When he hears something close to his ears he gets panic and runs off.

What does it make Captain Hook panic?

That is related to “crocodile”, which he hates.

In the past Captain Hook had bitter experienced of getting his arm eaten by “Tick – Tock the Crocodile” that can hear clock sounds from his stomach. So, he hates crocodile and sound of clock. When whispering “tick-tock” in his ears repeatedly he runs off from the fear of “tick-tock the crocodile”.

“Become frightened” when murmuring “what he hates”…. it is a great reaction for Disney fans. But don’t do it too far to make Captain Hook miserable.

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