【tdr0141】The look changes? The precious stuffed toy of Lilo’s


The heroine “Lilo” from Disney film that was released in 2002 “Lilo & Stitch. Lilo is 5 years old energetic girl with brown skin, long black hair, and wearing hibiscus pattern dress.

The thing that little heroine cherish is a stuffed toy that she made and named Scrump. She has pink ribbon, green body, the eyes are made with different size of button, and the wavy mouth is stitched up to not to open.

Some people may feel it is weird, but this she is the Lilo’s favorite stuffed toy and it seems like she loves Lilo too.

It is stuffed toy, so her expressing “love” isn’t accurate. But it does show on her face little.

That facial expression can be seen when Lilo is holding the Scrump.

When Stitch is holding Scrump she looks not happy, but when Lilo is holding her she looks happy somehow. The wavy mouth is making her look smiling from certain angles or has no expression, but it can be see the slight difference.

If this made you curious, why don’t you check if she is smiling or not.

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