【tdr0137】Which famous musician collaborated with “Lilo & Stitch”?


2002, June 21st (2003, March 8th in Japan), Disney film “Lilo & Stitch” was released and cuteness of Stitch, goods related to the film became very popular. In this film, which was a big hit, pictures and songs that collaborated with some musician appear many times.

The famous musician is a King of Rock ‘n’ roll who contributed creating Rock ‘n’ roll and spreading it and influenced various artists like Beatles, “Elvis Presley”. He is one of Rock ‘n’ roller that every one knows and he livened up the music industry from 1954 to 1977.

But how did things related to “Elvis Presley” ended up appearing on the screen?

“Hawaii”, which the film of “Lilo & Stitch” was set is related.

Hawaii is second home for Elvis and is not over exaggerating to say, “speaking of Hawaii, its Elvis”. That’s how much he was close to Hawaii. So, Elvis have been contributed to Hawaii.

The Arizona Memorial, which located at “Pearl Harbor” of Oahu, Hawaii. This was built by charity show that Elvis held.

So the Hawaii, which is the land that has connection with Elvis, is the set for the film, the staff thought of using his song in the film.

Of course the permission was need from the affiliate, which has the rights.

Using music of copyrights the sensitive problem especially, so people thought negotiation won ‘t be that easy. But the affiliate accepted the favor happily and gave the permission to use his music.

When this film was released it was 25 years since Elvis has past away, so they thought it was a great opportunity to spread his talent to people all over the world. So, they permitted of using “(You’re) The Devil in Disguise”, famous white costume design, and miming.

Therefore collaboration of Disney and Elvis was created and it made gather attentions to Elvis again.

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