【tdr0119】What kind of activities outside a curriculum Disney Characters do?


The end of the year has many events like Christmas or New Year’s and people get very hectic. That is same as Tokyo Disney Resort that busy season is waiting. Especially during Christmas season, special parade or shows will be performed, so that many couples or families visit Disney Resort for the purpose of seeing the performance.

Mickey Mouse and other characters change to various costumes and run the parade, so their efforts are beyond imagination. And during Christmas season they are so busy due to working outside the park too.

So, what kind of activities the characters do outside the Disney Park?

It is making Christmas visits to welfare institutions.

Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador and Disney characters visits foster homes, special support education school, or pediatric department at hospital to cheer up the kids.

Kids who don’t have an opportunity to contact with Disney characters or visit Tokyo Disney Resort due to illness, disorder, or living environment problem. Such an activity to share the smile and encourage them started since the opening of Tokyo Disneyland.

This is such a beautiful activity that they do.

These activities aren’t limited in Christmas season. To visit many institutes, they adjust the season to visit all of the 47 prefectures of Japan.

To wish many children keep on smiling, these activities should carry on.

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