【tdr0112】Hello to new friend! Gelatoni is so popular!


This is what happened at Mediterranean Harbor of Tokyo DisneySea.

Duffy had a walk around Mediterranean Harbor and dropped his favorite gelato on the ground. A boy cat saw Duffy dropping his gelato and he started to paint using the gelato instead of paints.

Duffy was so happy receiving unexpected present from him. He forgot about how sad he was. That’s how Duffy met Gelatoni. A cat boy who has green eyes, long tale and he loves painting.

For Duffy, a new friend character is in 4 years after Shellie May in 2010.

Gelatoni goods are started to sell from 20114, July 4th.

The first weekend, which was the 4th of July there were huge line at the shop. The goods were sold out and cannot keep up the production.

There are three shops that sell his goods.

“Aunt Pegs ‘s Village Store” (American Waterfront)
“McDuck’s Department Store” (American Waterfront)
“Galleria Disney” (Mediterranean Harbor)

Sometime Mermaid Lagoon shop has only stuffed toy of Gelatoni.

The waiting time is

“Aunt Pegs ‘s Village Store” is 30 min.
“McDuck’s Department Store” is 30 min.
“Galleria Disney” is an hour to an hour 30 min.

This is only a rough indication.

It’s not only the goods that are gathering attentions.

There are three paints that “Gelatoni draw” at Mediterranean Harbor and many people gathered around to take picture. This summer, artist Gelatoni’s paints and his green eyes will make the fans cannot take the eyes off from him.

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