【tdr0094】Which Disney character is the oldest?


Speaking of Disney character, “Mickey Mouse” is indispensible existence. There are no sign of decreasing the popularity since making the debut on animated short film (animation with voice) “Steamboat Willie” in 1928, November 18. That is why “oldest character is Mickey Mouse!”, but actually it isn’t Mickey Mouse.

So, which character is the oldest?

People who knows about Disney well might say “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”, which was the model of Mickey Mouse”. Certainly Oswald is the origin of Mickey Mouse and made debut in 1927, which is a year early then Mickey Mouse.

Unfortunately, it isn’t Oswald.

The answer is “Black Pete (a.k.a Peg-Leg Pete)”. This character has unpleasant look in the eyes and wildcat was in motif.

Black Pete made debut on short series of “Alice Comedies” and was on the air in 1925, February 15th. It made debut 3 years earlier than debut of Mickey Mouse. “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” series made appearance after Alice comedies.

After Walt taking the copyright of Oswald “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” series continuously made appearance and was used in “steamboat Willies” too.

Although, name value of Black Pete isn’t very high nowadays and sadly the popularity is lower than other Disney Characters.

2015 is the 80th debut Anniversary of Black Pete, so I hope some media brings up about it.

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