tdr0990_The way of carrying the stock of products when refilling the products is not done in a usual way


“Merchandise cast” who operates a cashier, packing products into a bag, or refilling the products while surrounded by various Disney goods of Disney shop.

Because tens and thousands of people visit Tokyo Disney Resort every day, so there are many guests who go into shops for the purpose of souvenir, but the work of “merchandise cast” is pretty hard.

Especially when it gets busy they would have to operate the cashier neatly, but speedy, so it seems a hard job mentally, but physically.

Today, I would like to pay attention to the “product refilling”.

Especially with popular products need couple of refilling and when the shelf only has few products left then they would have to refill the products even when they are busy.

But when the shop is busy they would have to stay around the cashier, so even refilling is simple it is quite a difficult job. When walking around with box filled with sock it could hurt the guests by box corner contacting the guests.

So, “Merchandise cast” who works at shop refill the products safely by “carrying box in certain way”.

That certain way of carrying is to cover the corner of box with hands.

When holding up the box they cover 2 corners that exists right under seeing from the person with box with hands, so when contacting with guests accidently the corner wouldn’t hit the guests, because it is covered with hands.

Cast’s behavior that created by consideration of guest’s safety is so wonderful.

We should not forget about there are such cast’s efforts behind for guests to enjoy the dreamland without worrying.

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