tdr0978_The secret of why cast never say “I don’t know”


Casts are highly trusted from guests due to their solid service that receive compliments like “heartwarming response!”.

They correspond flexibly and quickly with any requests and they are trying not to answer, “I don’t know” with questions from guests.

Although, they are also human, so of course there are things that they don’t know.

Or they knew, but forgotten or forgot to check the details. But these happen all the time.

But even such time casts never answer with “I don’t know”.

Why is it?

The reason why casts never say “I don’t know” even they don’t know has “mechanism”.

That “mechanism” is an extension number that is called “Flash 3333″.

This is an extension number that casts call the operator when they are having trouble of answering the question that they don’t know and by operator searching the question that guest asked immediately it allows to answering the questions as many and as quick.

Because these efforts are put in guests trust casts and they can have fun at dreamland with ease.

Making an extra efforts and never compromise the service is done because it is Disney.

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