tdr0973_Warmhearted response towards guests that couldn’t get on the attraction


Response capacities or service of casts who support the dreamland is in such a high level that other companies use as reference and it often brought up in topics.

And today, I would like to introduce heartwarming response of such cast.

The story I am about to introduce was uploaded on “Yahoo!” and it is an actual experienced story of comedian called “Marshmallow Sunday”, which is made with Mitsunobu Kodera and Catcher Nakazawa.

One day those two of Marshmallow Sunday was about to get on Tokyo DisneySea’s attraction “Raging Spirit”.

They queued up for 30 to 40 minutes and was about to get on the ride, but Catcher Nakazawa couldn’t get on the ride.

That is because his weight is 352lbs.

The safety bar couldn’t pull down, because of his huge body and even few casts trying to push the safety bar it didn’t make to the specified place. Therefore Catcher Nakazawa gave up on getting on the ride and waited for his partner Kodera to comes back.

It is quite painful when not able to get on the ride after queuing up for so long.

But cast who happened to be there apologized and gave him a priority ticket, which makes able to get on any attraction with priority.

Because of the priority ticket they could get on the “Tower of Terror” smoothly when there was 2 hours waiting.

As a result, it became a present that is too good to bring back the wasted time.

This episode can see such cast’s sprit of service of not letting guests to feel unpleasant.

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