tdr0964_Where did drawing performance by custodial started?


Custodial maintains Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DIsneySea clean.

They are famous with drawing Disney characters on the ground by using water from puddle and toy broom on the day rained, not just clean.

Now it became a common performance, but it didn’t perform since the Tokyo Disney Resort opened.

Then where and when this drawing performance was born?

The head temple of Disney Park, Disneyland of California is a place of origin of various service and attractions, but this performance seems not from here.

Then where is it…? it is from Japan surprisingly.

This is not authorized officially, so it is not clear, but custodial of Tokyo Disneyland performed spontaneously to make guests enjoy then spread worldwide by people paid attention.

Performance that spread from thought of considering guests is quite a dreamland episode.

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