tdr0924_Heartwarming and dreamy story that made happen with priority ticket that was given long time ago


This is an episode uploaded on Yahoo! Adviser in 2012.

This happened in 2006.

Ms. A went to Tokyo Disneyland with her mother and her mother’s sister (aunty).

They walked in front of “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” after riding several attractions.

Ms. A mumbled “I have never went on Pooh’s Hunny Hunt….” then her aunty pushed her “it is so cute so you should go! Let’s go!”.

At that time fastpass was already finished and the waiting time was 120 minutes, so they had to queue up like other people do.

After 5 minutes her aunty took a paper from her bad as if she remembered something.

The paper she took out from her bad was priority ticket that she got 7 years ago (about 1999). That ticket was given to her when she had to get off the ride in the middle of attraction of “Peter Pan’s Flight” due to problem.

Her aunty who took that ticket out said “can we not get on the Poo’s Hunny Hunt with this?”.

This priority ticket is limited with “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Star Tours” and the ticket was given before the “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” built. Properly speaking the ticket is not applicable, but her aunty went to speak with cast who was at entrance of the attraction.

Ms. A and her mother thought “there is no way” and wait for her aunty to comes back without expecting anything….Her aunty and cast who have confirmed about the circumstance with boss came and said “I will take you to the Hunny Hunt that you are queued up” with smile.

Her aunty who heard what cast answered said “because it says 2 guests on the priority ticket, so please let my sister (Ms. A’s mother) and my niece (Ms. A) get on the Hunny Hunt, because they haven’t went on. I have for several times…”, so she refused and gave the space to these two, but…

Cast said “No, I want all of you to enjoy! I am so grateful how you have kept this ticket for long time!, so she guided all of them to the entrance.

They were so touched and cast who guided them was waiting for them to come out after enjoying “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” fully.

After asking “How was your first Pooh’s Hunny Hunt?” the cast guided to the exist and sent them off by saying “Have fun at dream world” with smile.

These three who were touched with thoughtful service shed tears for a while and her aunty sent letter saying thank you. It was published on PR magazine for casts and became an episode many casts notice.

Since that Ms. A goes and ride “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” every time when going to Tokyo Disneyland.

Properly speaking, that priority ticket is not acceptable.

But it is an episode that shows service of cast who considering thought of aunty who considered about her sister and her niece and thought of aunty.

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