tdr0907_How many of casts are going to be accepted for Shanghai Disneyland?


Shanghai Disneyland is planning to open in 2016.

The original opening date has been pushed due to expanding attractions, but construction of main bits are almost all done and preparation of casts that will be working at Shanghai Disneyland is on going.

With Human material of recruitment policy that is announced on April 1st 2013, big recruiting of over 5,000 casts having major emphasis of “smile” was occurred.

Story from Shanghai Disneyland performance authorized person, most of the casts are accepted from all over the country and part of special casts will be called from oversea, so many willing casts are having interview for the opening.

On October 25th 2014, audition of casts (dancers) was held at studio of Shanghai Ballet Company, which is located Xuhui District of Shanghai. From the interview 36 people were selected over 100 and after that dance and physical ability test were occurred and auction of entertainer was held the next day.

Everyone is waiting for Shanghai Disneyland to open.

It is exciting to see how the Shanghai Disneyland looks like.

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