tdr0899_Can speak in 20 languages? Story about how amazing the female open cast is gathering many attentions


It has been over 30 years since the Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 and there are open casts that still working at Tokyo Disneyland since then.

Hark Fujino (age 68 as of 2013) is one of the open casts that she is wise in foreign languages like English and French and she has been attended many foreign guests using her language skill.

In the past she had conversation with 80 years old man from New Zealand from noon until the Park closed. That old man was there alone and even Fujino recommended attractions and parades for him he wouldn’t let her go.

When the Park closes he appreciated that “I’ve never been so kind from anyone before” and left the Tokyo Disneyland.

This is such an episode that shows how Fujino is kind.

Fujino told about how important to start the conversation that “Tokyo Disneyland taught me how important to start the conversation and to open the heart”.

She told “ in 2013, I started to learn “hello” in many languages to be able to speak with foreign guests. I now can say hello in 20 languages with “merhaba”, which is hello in Turkish that I have learnt lately”, so she is showing that spirit of good service.

By the way, Fujino is a mother of son and two daughters and all of her children have experienced being a cast during their time in university, so they are a unique Disney cast family and the first daughter has married with a man who worked as a cast at “It’s a Small World”, so Disney is necessary to talk about Fujino and their family.

It is more like they are spending their time together with Disney.

That is why she still can work as a cast without forgetting ambition after years or mind of hospitality.

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