tdr0875_Beginner can be done easily? Attraction guide by cast is so kind


Tokyo Disney Resort has so many repeaters, but it doesn’t mean repeaters are only guests. Of course there are guests who come to Tokyo Disney Resort with excitement that “it is the first Disney in life”.

Such “Disney beginners” tend to fall into “having difficulty choosing attraction”.

Now the world became Internet society and it became easy to do researches, but there are things that cannot know using Internet.

Then ask cast “what kind of attraction is it?”. Cast will explain the important point such as genre of the attraction, story and highlight of the attraction.

Example: Splash Mountain

“It is a roller coaster type attraction that goes down the rapid stream with log boat and it goes around the world of Disney film “Song of the South”. Various animals will appear, so pay attention! Have fun!”

When the guests get this kind explanation then they won’t have hard time choosing the attraction.

Other than that it would be the best idea to talk to cast without hesitation when having a hard time or curious things.

They will give you the best answer to you.

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