tdr0868_832 minutes of miracle waiting? The truth of waiting time that showed on Pooh’s Hunny Hunt


Popular attractions of waiting time at Tokyo Disney Resort usually become around 60 minutes and when it is crowded due to event it is common that waiting time gets about 120 minutes.

That means that many guests are coming from all over the Japan, but some attraction achieved waiting time that is beyond compare of 2 hours of waiting time.

The waiting time became 832 minutes.

This achievement was achieved by a popular Tokyo Disneyland attraction “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt”.

When fixing that to hours it is 13 hours and 52 minutes…. it is incredible waiting time. But this wasn’t showed as the real waiting time.

This incredible number of 832 minutes showed after Tokyo Disneyland closed.

This was shown as a performance of “Thanks Day”, which Park gets opened for casts for once a year and the number has similar pronunciation of “honey” in Japanese, which is connected with “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt”.

Isn’t it quite a unique performance?

By the way, the longest waiting time of Tokyo Disneyland is “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” “360 minutes (6 hours)” and Tokyo DisneySea’s longest waiting time is “Toy Story Mania!” “500 minutes (8 hours and 20 minutes)”.

Both have such an overwhelming numbers.

Popular attractions are very attractive, but it is quite painful to wait for that long. If you want to avoid queuing up then aim the middle of the week, because there aren’t many guests compare to other days.

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