tdr0848_Not all the casts get called a cast


It is famous that employees of Tokyo Disney Resort get called “cast”.

This is because Tokyo Disney Resort is a huge stage and everything that is happening at there is a show and employees that appear in that show are casts (actor or actress).

Although it doesn’t mean the term of “cast” is used on every single employees of Tokyo Disney Resort. Actually at Mysterious Island of Tokyo DisneySea doesn’t use a term of “cast” for employees.

Mysterious Island is originally a theme port that is built in motif of island that appears in Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and submarine “Nautilus” that owns by captain Nemo who appears in the story is moored.

And employees are “crew” of Nautilus in this area, so they are called as crew rather than cast.

It is agreeable when knowing the reason.

By the way crews at Mysterious Island are known for greet with N pose, which is putting left hand to right shoulder and is called “Mobilis in Mobili (Captain Nemo’s quote “moving within the moving elements)”.

When saying “mobili” to a crew after making a N pose then crew will say back “mobilis” to you with making the same pose.

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