tdr0842_Disney Resort with snow that performed by casts


Sometime now gets piled up that it makes the whole place white even in Kanto area that doesn’t snow much during winter. I want you to pay attention to “Snow Art” by casts on such day.

When the snow piled up at places where people don’t get in like lawn casts draws Disney character using the snow instead of canvas.

Especially most of the illustrations are Mickey Mouse and it is drawn by Custodial with a toy broom.

They are drawing by controlling the toy broom, which usually used on cleaning.

Custodial draw illustrations on the ground on rainy day by using ponding not just on snow day, so you may find something interesting when walking around while paying attention to the ground after snow or rain.

Also, other than illustrations there are casts who creates “snowman”.

Most of the snowman looks like Mickey Mouse.

There is snowman with Mickey or Minnie head shape or snow sculpture of Mickey that sizes are all different.

It appears at unexpected space and it makes guests enjoy.

Magic performance that using natural things not just existing things. It makes the guests enjoy by just finding it, because it is a performance that doesn’t happen often.

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