tdr0821_Correspond by Custodial who cleans never fails


“Custodial Cast” is maintaining the Tokyo Disney Resort where tens and thousands of people come clean.

I am sure you have seen them cleaning having “toy broom” on the right hand and “dustpan” on the left hand.

What do you think they would say when asking, “what are you picking up?”

Some guest asked and Custodial responded…

“I am picking up piece of dream”.

Isn’t it such a beautiful phrase? This would only happen in dreamland.

You would have thought they would say “garbage”, but I guess they don’t say such a realistic things.

Also, Custodial told a guest who dropped popcorn “Chip n’ Dale will come and eat, so don’t worry”, so this became a popular topic between fans.

Custodial is also a cast who creates the dreamland, so it is agreeable how they are good at giving responds.

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