tdr0700_The thoughtful words that cast gave to married couple


I am sure you have heard of staff confirming number of people like “how many people?” or “party of two” at restaurants.

Also Tokyo Disney Resort confirms the number of people at attractions or food corners and certain way of “some cast” asked became a topic of conversation in the past.

What did cast say?

One happy married couple was asked by a cast.

In that situation it is appropriate for the cast to say “party of two”, but the cast who was in charge of this guest said “party of 3″. The married couple was confused, but after they realized why the cast said 3.

Actually madam was pregnant.

Her stomach is so big that it is obvious that she is pregnant and cast who has realized she is pregnant asked “party of 3?”.

This thoughtful words made the married couple warm and smiled without noticing.

Even that baby isn’t born yet that baby was acknowledged as one of family members and visiting the dreamland.

It is such a wonderful way of cast who dedicated with first class service asking.

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