tdr0685_A warm-hearted response! Cast’s thoughtful attention that is not on manual


Casts train strictly and learn manual with fine details to welcome the guests coming to Tokyo Disneyland and provide Disney standard service.

It is because the manual is set even on small thing, so equal service can be given to guests, but sometimes irregular thing happens.

One day…

A guest who have lost “important item” came and visit lost and found center.

That important item is…an engagement ring.

It is such an important item and the item has lifetime memory, but it was lost in the park. Even having reported at lost and found center in hurry, but it is not for sure that it will be found in this large park. Feeling of “it wouldn’t be found” let the feeling down, so spent the whole day not being able to have fun at the dreamland.

When visiting lost and found center again after few hours without expecting anything, but cast was waiting having smile on the face.

When the guest’s heart was filled with expectation cast handed a small box.

Opening the unrecognized small box ….there was an engagement ring that guest has lost. It was cast’s consideration that cast thought and when storing the important engagement ring without any cover then it would be damaged.

This cast’s consideration isn’t on the manual. This flexible response was taken by cast’s thoughtfulness.

Boss of this cast complimented him and told him to aim higher by saying “great job! Let’s think how would it be possible to give the same level of service to other guests too”.

Manual doesn’t always make the appropriate response, because there are casts making an action by thinking “what is the best for guest”, so Disney continues providing the highest level.

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