tdr0553_Cast’s are allow to do something for guest’s safety escort


The greatest earthquake “Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake”, which was magnitude 9 occurred May 11th 2011.

The information was complicated that huge tsunami swallow the town and ground collapse, so everywhere in Japan was in panic, but at Tokyo Disney Resort that received huge shock was calmly coped.

At Tokyo Disney Resort where taking deep consider about safety hold emergency drill that imagined level 6 of earthquake once in 2 days.

And casts are taught that “for the guest’s safety escort casts are allow to do something” at the emergency drill and casts put that into practice.

The thing casts put into practice on the day of great earthquake is teaching of “casts are allow to use anything that exist inside the park for the guest’s security escort”.

40 seconds after the earthquake happens casts started to move individually when there was an emergency announcement by man.

Casts started to give an accurate order to protect the guests that are surrounded where they are and distributed free of products that is lined up to guests.

-Dolls for sale for protect the head.
-Towel, clothes, and cardboard for weatherization.
-Snacks like cookies or chocolates for emergency provision.

I can keep going on the list, but those things were distributed to the guests and guests who could not able to go home received bread or soup that is provided at restaurants.

Later, guests who received this excellent attend praised with word of “god attend” and it gathered attentions on Internet or many medias.

Ignore the profit and never hesitate for safety…. It is very easy to say, but very difficult to put into practice for companies.

Because Tokyo Disney Resort has serious attitude to put into practice for guests, guests trust and visit Tokyo Disney Resort at ease.

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