tdr0552_Cast’s motivation increases? What it “Five Star Party”?


Tokyo Disney Resort is putting effort into “ES activity (employee satisfaction) and providing various benefit to casts to make about 20,000 casts including employee and part time to work with motivation always and energy.

One of that benefits is “Five Star Party”.

It sounds such a fun party, but it doesn’t mean all the casts are invited.

It is a party limited to excellent casts only.

To join this party, casts have to bring “Five Star Card”, which has size of business card.

It is like invitation of the party.

And only the boss of the casts has that card.

The card says “ Congratulations! Please continue to give happiness to guests” and as the message says it is given to casts “who gave excellent service”.

The casts who want to join the party polish their service skill to acquire the card, so that will lead to satisfactory of guests and when they acquire the card they can enjoy the party, which only has merits.

By the way, “Five Star Party” is held regularly. By that cast’s motivation is always increasing.

There are many things we can learn from Tokyo Disney Resort’s personnel training.

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