【tdr0522】Custodial used to be unpopular job


“Custodial” is a specialist of cleaning who wears spotless white uniform and have toybroom on the right hand and dustpan on the left hand.

They clean speedy that it only takes 15 minutes and maintain the Tokyo Disney Resort spotless that they are “supporter works behind the scene”.

Although, the main job of them is to clean, but they are also one of casts (performer). They have performance that makes guests enjoy and there is “Fun Custodial” who performs specially at Tokyo DisneySea.

“Custodial” is now became very popular that they can communicate with guests while cleaning various places, but it used to be the most unpopular job at Tokyo Disney Resort.

The reason is because people had an image of “cleaner” as not a great job.

It is not just Tokyo Disney Resort that cleaner tends to have darker image that “a job of cleaning dirty and smelly places”. It is thankful job that cleans what people make dirty, but people tend to avoid this job.

Therefore, even Tokyo Disney Resort had an idea of “custodial = cleaner =negative image”, so it was unpopular job.

But, gradually popularity was gathered by seeing them performing on stage while cleaning and image of negative blown away.

It is because people recognized that custodial is not a cleaner, they are just like cast, and they are one of performers, so now it became so popular.

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