【tdr0521】Huge changes that occurred on Disney look at U.S Disney


Casts follow the appearance of “Disney look” and appear in front of the guests to not give unpleasantness to the guests.

They have restriction of hairstyle, hair color, nails, and many small restrictions, but that is all to maintain the cleanness and reliability.

So, all the Disney parks are taking this Disney look. It becomes different slightly depending on the country (like hair color), but intenseness stays the same. When a cast not following the rules then he or she is not allow to go in front of the guests.

Walt Disney Company lifts a ban of “certain thing” of a male cast who works at Resort and Disney Park in America.

That is “beard”.

The company gave permission to grow beard.

Since the opening of Anaheim Disneyland in 1995, they stick to “no beard”.

May be because of the time we are in, but there was repellence from casts who wanted to grow beard and in 2000, mustache was permitted partly and nothing more.

And since allowing female cast to wear tights in 2010, “Disney look” stayed calm and the same, but in 2012 “beard” was lifted and the restriction has changed hugely.

By that young casts who feels pleased that “they can grow the beard by taking vacation”, but on the other hand critics of “that is stray from the tradition that we have taught from Disney” from older casts was occurred.

It is a very difficult problem to combine the teaching of Walt and needs of nowadays.

By the way, in Japan indicates that “shave clean always. Cast is not allows to grow mustache or beard at all”.

Originally in Japan there is a kind of a rule that “no beard for service job”, so it is nothing we can do about it.

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