【tdr0510】There is custodial training for training for new employees?


“Training for new employees” exist any company when start working as freshman”.

The period of training differs in each company, but there is training average three months to polish the skill that needs for the company. Of course there is three months training for new employees at Oriental Land, but what kind of training do they do?

Actually one third of time of training, which is a month there is custodial training.

Custodial is a person who maintains Disney park clean. To say in plain word they are “cleaners”. New employees get training as a cleaner fully a month.

It sounds not nice when hearing “cleaner”, but custodial is a very important existence to maintain the Disney park.

To maintain the park clean leads to pull out the smile from guest and sometime custodial perform to make guest laugh, so their job is not just to clean. To use other word, custodial is the “supporter behind the scene”.

At training for new employees, Oriental Land is trying for them to recognize the “thought of Disney” by feeling the importance or work towards cleaning.

Also, the way employees working like an example it leads to improve morals of the casts who are hired as part time job.

The custodial training is killing two birds with one stone that can feel how the Disney Park is structured and connects the motivation of part time casts.

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