【tdr0497】Cast has period of employment?


“Contract period” doesn’t exist other than part time job or short term period part time job.

But this contract period does exist for people who work at Tokyo Disney Resort as part time job.

The term is maximum 6 months. Isn’t it so short?

Of course they can extend the term just like the contract employees, but to extend the contract they have to be the cast who have achieved certain level.

For example, let’s say there was a cast who “didn’t give a pleasant behavior” during his/her contract period. If he/she works as a cast continuously he/she lets the guests feel unpleasant, which means it has danger of bringing the Tokyo Disney Resort’s quality down.

When that happens it is Tokyo Disney Resort that gets damage.

To not let that happen, the casts that can extend the contract is only the casts who have worked sincerely. Of course there are people who would like to work as a cast continuously. That is why they put so much effort to make it possible to extend the contract.

It doesn’t matter what job you have people tend to cut the corners when they are getting used to, so to set the contract period Tokyo Disney Resort maintains the first-class level of service.

So, Tokyo Disney Resort appreciates those who have been working sincerely and acknowledge their efforts by inviting to “five star party” or awarding “Spirit Award Pin”

In a way Tokyo Disney Resort is “using carrot and stick policy well”, but the system of “pulling their motivation and acknowledge that appropriately” is one thing that other companies should consider taking it in.

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