【tdr0488】Never smile? There are casts that never smiles?


Casts provide the best hospitality and service to the guests.

No matter when or where they attend the guests without falling to make smile and they are like an example of service, but there are casts that never show the smile.

Not just they don’t smile they look gloomy that feels lifeless, but do you know where they exist?

It is not that hard to find.

The answer is at horror attraction of Tokyo Disneyland, “Haunted Mansion”.

Casts who are located at mansion that 999 of ghosts live never show their smile.

Casts usually show up with energy and brightly, but because the casts at Haunted Mansion never shows the smile and looking lifeless, so it is boosting up the unpleasantness of the attraction.

If they were smiling like all the casts do then the scariness will blown away.

I guess they are considered about the guests.

I am sure it is very hard to work without failing to make smile, but to be sanding without making any faces also such a hard work.

To get into the role (cast) … This can be the true worth of cast.

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