【tdr0487】Cast’s private was revealed when celebrating 25th year of Tokyo Disneyland?


Tokyo Disneyland was opened in 1983 and Tokyo Disneyland celebrated the 25th year in 2008.

Limited goods were sold, anniversary event was held and while Tokyo Disneyland in celebration spirit the cast’s private was revealed as a part of anniversary event.

The private information was about their “hometown”.

Even though they are working in Chiba it doesn’t mean they all are from there.

Many people have moved near Tokyo Disneyland due to many reasons.

So, the nameplate was made for 25th year that if the cast is from “Tokyo “ then “TOKYO”, if the cast is from Saitama then “Saitama”, and if the cast is from “Chiba” then Chiba” is printed in alphabet under their names.

But how it started to reveal where they are from?

Guests are coming from everywhere to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. For example when the guest is coming all the way from Hokkaido.

And when he is killing time like while waiting for the attraction and when realizing the cast who is standing before him is from Hokkaido then they can communicate speaking about Hokkaido.

Plus when people know the person is from same city or town that you are from it makes you feel closer.

Therefore, the hometown was written to make the guest and cast to have conversation smoothly.

By the way, cast from abroad is always wearing nameplate with name of their hometown. That is why it did the same thing for Japanese casts although it was only during the anniversary.

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