【tdr0461】Baby could craw? Night cleaning by night custodial


“Custodial” is a manager and who maintains Tokyo Disney Resort.

To maintain the cleanness of parks 300 people alternately every 15 minutes are cleaning everyday from morning to night.

To not to hit the guest they put toy broom beside their body, move to places with roller skates quickly and they are working hard from morning to night to aim to clean the garbage within 15minutes.

But when they are working the guests are around, so they can only clean with certain areas.

The serious cleaning will be done between after closing the park, which is 12am to 7am. Custodial casts that work at this time called “night custodial”.

Night custodial mainly wash with water.

Splash water on the ground and polish with brush, but the cleaning isn’t finish by just polishing the ground simply.

As they clean there is an index of “with cleaning ground, clean until the baby can craw”.

This is not a figurative expression that it is a proper index having meaning of as the word says that “it has to be clean until the baby who needs to keep hygiene don’t get dirty even craws.

It seems “there is no way” with general sense.

But that is ordinary circumstances for custodial.

So, they are cleaning the park with water everyday after closing the park, so the amount of water it use should be enormous amount.

Recently people are very particular with “eco” especially, so people would complain towards this state, but custodial is not wasting the water at all.

They are cleaning with only using necessary amount of water.

In 1987, when the water shortage occurred in Kanto, Tokyo Disneyland never stopped cleaning at night during that time of period.

They used also the rainwater considering of saving water.

When they are considered that much then it can say Disney park is putting efforts in “night cleaning”.

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