【tdr0454】Appearance is important for casts!


Casts who work at Tokyo Disney Resort have regulation of appearance “Disney look”.

To work as a cast whether they are official employee, or students work as part time job they all have to fix their appearance belong to the regulation.

For example, the hair.

The color can be changed to level scale 6, which set by Japan Hair Color Association. Level scale 6 is natural brown.

Men have to have their hair shorter than eye level, ear level, and shorter then not touching collar. Asymmetry hairstyle or way too casual hairstyle is taboo. Also under the ear level is permissible range for sideburns and it is a rule to shave cleanly under the ears.

Women have to pin or tie the hair to not let the hair gets in a way when putting their heads down or wind blows.

Casually styled hair or having buns at top of head or tying high place are taboo. The loose hair (short hair that cannot be tie) is also taboo. Moreover, heavy makeup is taboo too.

Nails cannot be longer than tip of fingers for men and 0.12 inch can be longer than tip of finger for women, but the permitted colors of nail polish is simple colors only that are close to the skin tone.

And there is regulation even for glasses that the frame has to be simple. When casts have fancy glasses or unique glasses then they would have to buy new simple glasses.

Even just picking up the few regulations there are this many. But this is to maintain the neatness, reliability, and sense of unity.

But this “Disney look”, don’t you get curious who is checking the casts? There is always a person who checks the appearance like teacher in charge of discipline or manager for restaurants.

Of course there are people who checks the appearance at Tokyo Disney Resort too.

That people called “Appearance Coordinator”.

People who have this duty check enormous number of cast’s appearance.

If a cast caught with this checking then “Appearance Coordinator” can decide not to let in front of guests.

Us, the guests don’t want to see casts who is unfaithful that deviates from the regulation.

Because of such effort us, the guests can enjoy pleasantly.

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