【tdr0413】How often the uniform casts are wearing is washed?


Restaurants, fast food shops, convenient stores, super markets provided own uniforms.

Especially, many chain stores have uniform provided from head to toes.

The uniform is like the store’s sign.

When the uniform is clean then customer tend to rely on the store from the cleanness, but when it is dirty or have creased it leads to damaging the public image.

Many restaurants usually wash the uniform everyday, but places where each person has to take care of it doesn’t wash for few days.

So, Tokyo Disney Resort has almost 20,000 casts and they are wearing uniform (costume) according to each role.

The variation of uniform (costume) is rich that in total they wear quit a lot of clothes like outer, inner, and trousers, so it seems very difficult to wash it.

So, how often they wash their uniform?

Actually it is washed every day.

The uniform (costume) that has worn once have to be returned at issue counter (counter that does rent and return the uniform and costume) after work whether it is dirty or not.

And the uniform (costume) that has been collected will be washed.

It is natural things to do to make the uniform (costume) look spotless at any time… Although it probably costs so much.

But this is for the sense of cleanness and trustworthy. No one like to see casts wearing dirty clothes.

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