【tdr0392】The basal condition when hiring casts


As of March 31st 2014 Tokyo Disney Resort has 21,883 of casts working, 2,196 people are official employee, 797 people are theme park employee, and rest of 18,890 people are working as part time job.

Therefore almost 90% of casts are hired as part time job and providing first-class service.

That is the result of strict training after getting hired…Although, there are people suited for this or not essentially.

So, at the interview, interviewer have to make sure if that person is “suitable for cast”.

The time they have to make sure is only 15 minutes.

There is no way to spend so much time on one person, because when recruit casts it gets large scale employment of several hundred to several thousand people.

During that short time the interviewer has to see the aptitude while listening to the reason for applying and the important key when making sure is the “smile” at interview.

“Smile” that is basic of basics for people who service the customer.

To be able to have great smile naturally not awkwardly is the first step as a cast.

When getting accepted as cast the “casting” like posting notice will be sent. Such a stylish way of saying it for cast.

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