【tdr0379】Disney related book that won Business Book Award


Each bookstore has “xxx award” and often introduced at pop of shops.

Disney related book has won that “xxx award” before.

The book title is “Disney’s teaching makes great stuff even 90% is part time job” and won “Keibundo bookstore business book award 2011″.

The title tells you what kind of book it is.

It is written by “Bunjiro Fukushima”. He is actually “professional with Disney’s development of human resources” because for 24 years he worked as personnel affairs of Disney after joining Oriental Land in the year of Disneyland opened.

Now he became independent and has an occupation of “development of human resources consultant” like internship planning or consulting.

It is convincing because it is written by such a big person.

The book is written about “how part time job people can provides first class service”.

Other than this he has written “Disney’s hospitality that makes great stuff even 90% is part time job”, so how about reading these books if you are interested?

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