【tdr0310】Is it true that employees can buy passport with discount?


Any company has merit as working as employee that can buy the product of company with discount, which is “employee discount system”.

It differs on the company that if working at home electric appliance then household appliance can be bought cheaper or if working at restaurant then order can be cheaper and Oriental Land that runs Tokyo Disney Resort has valuable “employee discount system”.

People who are working at Oriental Land can be purchase products that are sold at Disney parks or season limited products that left as stock at shop for casts, which is “cast shop” also employees can purchase 1day passport with discount.

With 20% of discount!

Normally 1day passport cost \6,400 ($64) (as of 2014, December).

The price that took 20% of employee discount is \5,120 ($51.20).

This \1,280 ($12.80) of difference is very wallet friendly.

Also employee discount passport does not have fixed date. I am sure they are busy, so it is great that it can be used at any time.

It is very convenient for people with children.

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